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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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warning women who walk or jog in pennypack park to travel in pairs for their own protection. that after the body of that woman were you found in the park early this morning. tonight neighbors in that area are clearly on guard. neighbors in this tight knit community off holme avenue were stunned by the discovery of local woman's body in penn know pack park near the crispin gardens athletic fields near convent of a early tuesday morning. >> very scared. very scared for my kids. very scared for myself. >> right now the death is ruled suspicious death for lot of different reasons but i can't say anything until the post is done and we have a definitive answer report roar police say the 46 year old woman was discovered by a passerby just after 6:00. investigators believe the woman went out for a jog or a walk from her home just off the back of the park like she does several times week. she never returned home. >> about 9:00 p.m. she went out for a walk or jog in the area. she wasn't hurt from -- heard from her husband. got nervous got concerned. >> neighbors on talbot street
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didn't want to speak with reporters but members of a local swim club where the victim was also a member were shaken by the discovery of her body. >> she always was a really nice person. she always had a smile on her face. i'm shocked to be honest with you. >> reporter: this woman and her daughters use the park frequently. they never imagined something like this could happen here. >> it's scary. especially when it hits close to home. >> it's a quiet neighborhood. i mean, it's loaded with kids. loaded with joggers, football, baseball. >> i'm scared. because i sleep in the front. i don't sleep in the back. and i'm upset. >> people should use extra caution women out there jogging or walking they should be with someone else with them for protection. >> reporter: now police refused to release any more details on the woman's death. there is a surveillance camera rah in the park near the scene where the body was found. police not saying at this point if they've recovered any surveillance video, again, the autopsy on the victim will be completed tomorrow morning. we expect to hear from police right after that autopsy report
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is filed. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. in chester county, this kitten has been through quite an ordeal. police say a man injected it with heroin. then dragged it by a rope from a car. they say it happened in west whiteland township sunday night. a vet used heroin overdose drug narcan to revive the kitten and she is expected to be okay. police have arrested james myers and he's facing animal cruelty and drug charges. >> the search is on for a violent trio who police say punched a young woman who wouldn't give up herrism phone. the horrific scene all caught on camera. it happened last week on the 1500 block of 18th street. that's in north philadelphia. the woman says she was walking home from work when she got to her house the three demanded her iphone. she says she was punched several times and they took off without the phone. she was taken to the hospital for treatments. >> new information out on developing story out of afghanistan. the pentagon says major general harold green has died in an tack
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near kabul. green is the highest ranking american to die in the afghanistan war and the highest ranking officer to die since the vietnam war. the pentagon says a a man dressed as an afghan soldier opened fire at a military base full of foreign troops. 15 people are hurt. and half of them are americans. the shooter was killed. a second american aid worker diagnosed with ebola is now in atlanta for intensive treatment. 59 year old nancy wright bowl arrived this afternoon at emory hospital and doctors are keeping her in isolation during treatment. writebol is a missionary. officials say she contracted ebola while helping to treat victim of the disease on the front line of the battle against it in liberia. the christian aid group's president says she is in good spirits. >> for several years we have not faced any crisis like this. and i think it's a reminder of their example of the thousands of our missionaries and staff around the world that this is
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the kind of commitment that they have. dr. kent brantly arrived at the hospital over the weekend. doctors are treating both patients with experimental drugs and so far they say the drugs seem to be helping. >> the son of a popular and powerful law lawmaker in hot water with the feds tonight. shack at a fattah jr. turning himself in to federal authorities today. his father is a long-time congressman. prosecutors say that fattah, jr., lied on bank loan applications for his consulting firm. failed to pay federal taxes and even cheated the philadelphia school district on a consulting contract. he's also accused of using more than $33,000 to pay off gambling debts at philadelphia casinos. >> once receive the loans which were supposed to be used for commercial purposes and for working capital for his business enterprises, he primarily spent the funds on personal expenditures, credit cards, cars, dinners, restaurants that type of thing. >> the dime says you spent $33,000 in what were specify to
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be business loans paying off gaming debts. gambling debts. what say you? >> i think it's inaccurate. that's the bottom line. it's accurate. >> did you spend any business loan money on gambling debts? >> i don't think so. >> fattah suggested prosecutors targeted him because of his father's position in congress. he'll be arraigned next thursday and could get significant prison time. four philadelphia police officers accuse of corruption are out on bail and now federal prosecutor may appeal that decision. the six officers face charges of using their positions to rob drug dealers of money and of drugs. a judge placed officer john spizer on house arrest today. officers brian reynolds, perry bets and linwood norman are also out on bail on house arrest. officers michael spicer and thomas, are being held without bail. they're facing the most serious charges. a school yard fight of a different type. the battle to fund philadelphia public schools and center city
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school yard today. parents advocates, teachers and students urged pennsylvania lawmakers to pass the cigarette tax. the group banned together outside green field elementary. officials say the schools need the money the tax will generate if they're going to open on time next month. they want their voices heard in harrisburg. >> those who have the abilities -- the abilities and the decision-making positions to change the trajectory of our students you must not sit on the side lines and let them make sure not make sure every western receives a quality education. >> proponents. $2 a pack cigarette tax say it would raise $80 million aerophore schools. if it's not passed, 1300 layoff notices will go out next week and school will not open on time. the us attorney says two former executives of a city no non-profit stole tens of thousands of dollars which was supposed to good to help the
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homeless. fox 29 investigates broke this story two years ago and our jeff cole in the newsroom right now with the very latest developments. jeff. >> reporter: dawn here we go. it was a tip from a former worker at the charity self ink which got us on the trail of the missing money. now, criminal charges have been brought. >> get off my lawn. >> reporter: did you take a trip to nassau on their money? >> it was the winter of 2012 when fox 29 investigate asked erika brown the former coo of the non-profit self ink if she used the charities funds as her own. >> erika, i've got receipts from the restaurant schoo >> brown wouldn't talk but american express credit card receipts obtained by fox 29 investigates told the story of travel, lodging pricey meals, grocery at what ugh boots brought by brown on self ink's credit card. the total charge to the non-profit focused on helping the homeless more than 198 gra
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grand. >> they basically embezzled money from self. >> amy kerlin is philadelphia' inspector general. her office investigated brown and former chief program officer nathaniel robinson which is now led to federal criminal charges. she says the money should have gone to the people who needed the help. >> these people are so needy and self provide valuable services, lodge, drug and alcohol programs and that's just not going to work if the people who are in the organization are using the money for their own benefits. >> reporter: self ink of philadelphia is funded by millions in tax dollars. both brown and robinson left the organization back several years ago and have paid back self about $7,400 combined. philadelphia's former mayor wilson good brought in by self to clean up the mess told fox 292 years ago this was wrong. >> should not have happened. should not have happened in any way. >> reporter: self has told us -- >> brown has been told by
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criminal information which means a defendant will likely plead guilty before an indictment, robinson has been indicted. both face a maximum of a decade in jail. >> we want to talk to you about these expenditures. >> reporter: brown's attorney was not in when we called today. he told the err they looked forward to resolving this case quickly. the inspector general wants to look harder at taxpayer funded non hiv profits. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> all right. thank you, jeff. hundreds line up in philadelphia to get their hands on a new coin that will be worth a lot of money. >> this is true. but not everything is as it seems here. people standing in line for money today but the coins weren't part of their pay day. a local daycare burglarized and vandalized even the classroom pets were swiped. today the place gets a big gift to make sure something like this doesn't happen again and it's all thanks to our viewers. howard?
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>> the flyers, they got really bad news today. they have lost a player they consider important and he may have played his last nhl game. that's coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather, we'll have the latest on tropical storm bertha and also some weather changes headed our way. tell when you to expect showers and storms next. >> birthday card gets out of -- party gets out of control. thousands crash the party leaving the house trashed and landing a half dozen in the hospital with drug overdoses. by the party promotor
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>> this is a great story. fox 29 viewers coming to the rescue in a huge way. this after burglars and vandals hit historic daycare and community center in forth philadelphia. now fox 29 walked you through the scene of the crime last week. criminals left behind a huge mess at the lighthouse center after breaking in, stealing computers, food and even the
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preschoolers classroom pets. well donations have been pouring in to replace the stolen items, and today envision security installed a high-tech state of the art $8,000 system. >> in watching that story especially with the kids involved i have to two little kids my own. it really hit home. so we contacted our vendors. we can't tacked the city of philadelphia. and we got everybody to contribute. >> i was amazed. that's well beyond our budget. to have that happen is amazing. i was shocked and blown away. >> so great. envision is working with hahn 93 well and philadelphia safe camera program to make the center safe for children and grown ups. >> this coin is a first for the usmint a first ever gold half dollar we're talking solid gold. a special release to mark 50 years sin the first kennedy half dollar. a huge line of people waited all night to get one. look at them there. amazing but not all of them are coin what watches. most of them were waiting to get
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paid in line. fox 29's karen hepp is live at the u.s. mint i'm curious here, what happened? >> reporter: what happened is fur if you're interested in getting this coin you can get it. they went on sale today at noon online and over the phone. but just a very very small number were released if you wanted that get them in your hot hands on the very first day. 2,000 overall only 500 right here in philadelphia and three other places. all of the people that waited overnight in line, just about all of them were being paid to be there. these folks aren't excited coin collectors anxious get their hands on piece of history the 50th anniversary gold kennedy half dollar. most like erika mel are looking forward to the two to 400 benjamins they're about to be handed by big time coin collector. >> pretty pysched about it. >> this is quite an operation with two libel coin dealers. there's the green wrist band side who found out through word of mouth and the red star group
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noticed the gleaming smiles and chiseled jaws. they're actor who's responded to a casting call. >> the money was worth it for us. we decided to come on out and spend the night and good times. tired right now. but we made it. we're here now. got our ticks. we're ready to go. >> reporter: here's what happened at good time. they get a yellow tick from the mint to get and side then on envelope to pay. they buy the coin, bring the outside and either dump in this cardboard box to one dealer who's holding their id's or they walk around like this orlando bloom looking actor to the hotel around the corner where they're paid. literally you're watching thousands of dollars changing hands on the sidewalk. >> we're with a large group that came in from end inn and we are just trying to get as many of the coins as we can as that's right being release. >> why? once the dealers have the coins they're flying them out did to a special convention in chicago where they can get a first day of issue sticker and sudden until beautiful $1,240
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coin may be worth an even more beautiful four to $6,000 to a collector. >> you're in the being shut out of the process if you're interested in getting one of these coins you certainly can get one online or by going to the mint website or calling them up. i tried to do this earlier today to see how long it would take and it was about september it was back ordered to. maybe october by this point because that was couple of hours ago. the people that wanted them today on the first day of issue they had to be in one of the locations and that's why it made it so valuable and they took it out to this convention and hold some coins for people interested in collecting and give them out at conventions. that's what happened today. but really interesting to see this whole operation in the works. ladies, back to you. >> very interesting. thanks karen. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. and boy, is it hot and humid out there today. >> which of course means scott williams storms are probably brewing somewhere. yeah, in particular right now, lucy and dawn, toward the western part of the state.
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we might have a shower sneak into the pocono mountains but most of us should stay dry. but it is going to be another muggy evening and overnight if you're stepping outdoors. extra hair spray and then as we move ahead for tomorrow, warm, humid a few widely scattered showers perhaps some thunderstorms around. but not anticipating severe weather or widespread event. by the latter part of the week dry, pleasant we're looking at below average temperatures behind a cold front that will be moving through. so as we look at ultimate doppler right now pretty quiet across our are a once again a few pop up showers likely late tonight toward the north and western suburbs moving toward the lehigh valley and the poconos. but most of the action right now toward the western part of the state. so we've been talking about bertha. it's wl aways a way from us. however, dangerous rip currents over the neck several days as the system pulls away. so swim parallel to the coast if you're caught in dangerous rip currents and only swim when lifeguards are present.
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so we'll be watching those large swells over neck several days. take look at this. the high temperature we squeaked out 90 degrees for the high temperature today. the normal this time year is 87 degrees. and that's where we currently stand. humidity at 37%. those winds are out of the south at about 5 miles per hour. so as we take a look at temperatures across the board, 80 in atlantic city. 80 in dover. so a little cooler with that sea breeze moving inland. 87 right now in trenton and mid 80s currently in allentown. so the satellite and radar right now showing you that we're dry for the most part, but very humid out ahead of that front that will be moving through during the day tomorrow. so for tonight, you can see there could be a spotty shower mainly north and west. here's the clock at 10:00 p.m. toward the lehigh valley and pocono mountains. then wednesday starts off dry but warm and muggy and then in the afternoon we'll watch out for widely scattered showers once again across the area. not anticipating a severe weather threat and not everyone
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will see the rainfall come tomorrow. mid to upper 60s right around 70 degrees in the city. then tuesday, 86 degrees. we'll call it mostly cloudy and once again there could be a few scattered showers around. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you behind that front that moves in during the day tomorrow we're looking at temperatures back below average for the latter part of the week and also it's going to be pretty comfortable the humidity is going to drop. so tomorrow forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10 we'll give it an eight. but take look at thursday and friday. it's going to be a 10 and right now the weekend looks pretty comfortable. the weekend looks much improved from the prior weekend that we just saw. >> keep on getting better. >> let's hope. >> it's august. summer will be wrapping up pretty soon. we need nice weather. >> all right. you know, we need good health and good words from the doctors for the philadelphia flyers. >> i know. we all -- we all need good health but there's not good wo words today. it's not life threatening but it could be career ending for this
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flyer. the flyers have lost a player and he may have played his last game for the flyers. and with a game coming up friday for the eagles what is lesean mccoy looki
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♪ >> the flyers did not get good news today but in reality it was much worse for the flyers defenseman kimmo timonen.
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may have played this last game with the flyers and the nhl. he has blood clots in both lungs and the calf of his right leg. he's played seven years with the flyers. and signed on for another year. but now i'm hearing from medical people he has to go on blood thinners. can't play during that time. and that could be at least five months. it was not good news for the general manager. >> apparently what happened kimmo was having some pain in his one calf. he said something to his buddy whose a doctor. and he told him he better get to the hospital. so he went to the hospital, and they thankfully they found the clot and treated him. >> the eagles players are getting a little more excited with the football game and not a practice. the pre-game season friday night in chicago. the practice today i thought were you a little more spunky. lesean mccoy always had a spirited practice. a game is exciting for mccoy as well but the way things work out these days in the nfl it's
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unlikely many of the offensive players will play the first teamers more than one quarter. if that. so what to look forward to on friday? >> not too much playing time. nah, just go out there and have fun. you know, get back in the flow of things. set up on the side line the timing down. and get -- actually get hit. get hit couple of times. you know, and just kind of get the rust off little bit. >> today at training camp former eagles head coach dick vermeil he's on the side lines. the practice practices are many. he took the eagles to super bowl and won a super bowl with st. louis. >> does he miss it. >> it doesn't eat at me. i'll tell you this it heightens and deepens being grateful. being grateful for all the opportunities and the great people i've been exposed to. >> still beloved coach here in philadelphia. >> absolutely. >> that does it for us here at
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>> absolutely. >> that does it for us here at 6:00 o'c
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>> abandon ship. their incredible ordeal at sea. the first interview with the teen who caught it all on a go pro camera. >> this is like survival time. >> never before seen video of this harrowing rescue. >> get out. get out. get out. and the disgraced leader of the best band in the land breaks his silence. >> my firing was a tremendous rush to judgment. >> accused of allowing animal house behavior. why he says officials got it all wrong. >> inaccurate. >> she stood there and let you sh


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